Staff COVID-19 Testing Program Information

Published on
Fri, 10/08/2021 - 2:47 PM

Updated 10/12/21 with link to updated testing schedule and additional updates

The staff COVID-19 testing program will launch Monday, October 11. A testing schedule was developed by MAKO Medical, which has handled COVID-19 diagnostic testing for HCPSS students and staff since April. 

Register for Weekly Testing Program
Employees who need to register for the staff testing program, should use this link for MAKO’s staff testing program, and follow these instructions:

  • Select “Self-Registration” 
  • Complete patient information fields:
    • Enter your employee ID number (capital E followed by 5 digits), which can be found when you login to Workday
    • Enter your email address
  • Complete terms of acceptance and notifications consent options
  • Select Submit

If needed, staff may register on-site at one of the testing locations identified below by scanning a QR code with a smartphone at the testing site and completing the registration form prior to being tested. 

Testing Procedure
At each testing location, MAKO staff will instruct those being tested to self-swab both nostrils, and place the swab into a collection tube. MAKO staff will label the tube with the staff member’s name and date of birth. The entire process takes less than two minutes. MAKO staff will not be administering the nasal-pharyngeal swab test that is inserted farther up the nostril.

Testing Schedule
Employees are expected to be tested at one of the locations below, or at any other public or private testing location and provide your results once per week. Staff do not have to be tested the same day each week as long as testing occurs once between Sunday and Saturday. 

  • For staff who are tested at an HCPSS site, MAKO will securely upload your results to your employee record in PinPoint. 
  • Staff who receive a test at an outside location must upload your results through PinPoint by using a unique link that you will receive from hcpss@pinpoint.usTo request your unique link, please email

When selecting a testing time that occurs during student arrival and dismissal times, please factor in additional time due to potential traffic congestion in the parking lot.

You will not receive coverage for your classroom or job responsibilities in order to be tested so you must do so at times that you are available. 

Click here for an up-to-date testing schedule, which may be found on the HCPSS website.