Do Not Reuse Your HCPSS Login Credentials

All employees should be advised of the risks associated with reusing account credentials due to credential harvesting. 

Credential harvesting is a type of cyberattack in which the malicious actor acquires usernames, login IDs, and passwords that are stored by online website providers or web-based applications, and then uses those credentials to impersonate the victim. Harvested username/password pairs can be automatically fed into the login pages of other websites and web-based applications to gain unauthorized access to the account.

! Call to Action ! 

  1. Do not use your HCPSS username and/or password to enroll, register, or sign into any personal or non-HCPSS websites or online applications, including but not limited to your personal social media, financial or retail websites.

  2. Enable MFA on your HCPSS account and your personal computing accounts that offer the service such as Facebook, Gmail, and Apple ID.

  3. Create strong passwords and do not reuse them for other systems. Learn what makes a strong password by reviewing EFF Super-Secure Password

  4. Make sure your family and friends do not use your work devices and do not share your HCPSS credentials with anyone.

 If assistance is needed, contact Technology Support at