New cybersecurity resources added to your KnowB4 account

Thank you all for your active participation during Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Remember to stay vigilant year-round, protecting our organization is an ongoing effort. Two new resources from KnowBe4 have been added to your library:

  1. Business Email Compromise (~4 mins): Cybercriminals have wised up and are adapting their tricks and techniques to target employees using spoofed or hoax email accounts.
  2. QR Codes: Safe Scanning (~4 mins): Staff should maintain a heightened state of awareness and caution when receiving email messages containing hyperlinks, including QR codes, and attachments.

There has been an increase of QR phishing emails in our environment, example below: 

screenshot of QR phishing email

To continue improving our cybersecurity awareness, we encourage all staff members to explore these new resources at their earliest opportunity. You can access them by navigating to the Staff Hub > Services > KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Resources > Library.

Employees are encouraged to forward any suspected phishing emails to, and then delete the email. If assistance is still needed, contact the Technology Support at