Phasing out school-based network home directory, campus, and hand-in/out folders

The Information Technology Department is continuing to modernize its file storage approach by relocating school-based files to a file hosting service operated by Microsoft (O365 OneDrive).  This includes the home directory, campus, and hand-in/out folders for both staff and students.    

Note:  The below information is for anyone with a requirement to retain files contained in their Homedir$ (Z: drive), Campus$ (W: drive), Hand-in$ (T: drive), or Hand-out$ (P: drive) folders.  If you do not have files or wish to keep any files stored in these folders, you do not need to do anything.    

! Call to Action:  Staff who have files saved to these locations that they wish to retain -  

Prior to Sept. 30, 2023, staff should notify Tech Support at, or 410.313.7004, and request that a ticket be entered (Server Administration > Network Directory/Folder Access) for the Technology Department migrate the files to O365 OneDrive.  

*All migration requests must include the person’s name, username and building location. 

Once the migration is complete, staff will be able to access their files by selecting Office 365 from the Staff Hub and then One Drive from the waffle menu in the top left corner. Learn about OneDrive on the Technology Resources Canvas community. 

If after reviewing this information and the linked resources, you have any questions contact Tech Support at or 410.313.7004.